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Mucking Rock Loader Disassembly Method

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1. mucking rock loader disassembled parts should be handled lightly, the inner screw hole is plugged with cotton yarn plugs, embolism and other precision parts should be packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

2. The disintegration of the slag slag machine is completed in the ground mine equipment warehouse, and the lifting device during the disintegration uses the crane inside the warehouse of the mining equipment.

3. When the slag slag machine disintegrates, disassemble into parts according to the provisions of the maintenance and repair instructions. The bolts, washers, pins, etc. of each part should be properly kept, and the sub-packaging and distribution system should be implemented to prevent loss or damage.

4. When the fuel tank is disassembled, the mucking rock loader first cleans the dirt around the fuel tank mouth with the kerosene to prevent the dirt on the parts from entering the oil port. The operator does not allow the bag gloves to prevent the fibers from entering the oil port.

5. When disintegrating, it is necessary to have a unified command from a full-time staff, and it is not allowed to dismantle at will, to ensure the safety of construction; in the process of disassembly and disassembly, when lifting the components of the slag slag machine, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the jib.

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