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Mucking Rock Loader Work Site Emergency Repair Program

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Mucking Rock Loader

Mucking Loader

Rock Loader

1. Sometimes there is a problem with the disassembly and assembly due to the incomplete carrying of the wrench. At this time, you can put some copper, iron wire or screwdriver in the wrench (plum, open-end wrench) or wrench (hex wrench), and then slowly remove and install; and when the open-end wrench is more than the bolt head (or nut) When the small and hex wrenches are larger than the bolt heads, the open end wrench opening can be enlarged with a trowel and the hexagonal size of the hex wrench can be reduced.

2. The connecting rod bearing of the mucking rock loader is often easily damaged. At this time, the connecting rod can be clamped on the vise. The ferrule in the heavy-duty socket wrench is used, and the ferrule on the one side is slightly smaller than the outer ring of the bearing. On the other side, the sleeve is slightly larger than the size of the connecting rod bearing hole, and then the side of the connecting rod hole is pressed, and then the vise is gradually clamped, so that the outer ring of the bearing is slowly pressed out. If there is a gas cutting tool, the outer ring of the bearing can be cut directly by gas cutting.

3. When disassembling the tires of the mucking rock loader, it is more difficult to separate the tires and the rim. Since it has not been disassembled for a long time, the rim may be rusted, and the tire and the rim are tightly adhered. The method of deflation, back and forth walking and rolling is not ideal. After removing the lock ring, add water between the tire and the rim to lubricate. Use two bulldozer blades to press the tires on both sides. A suitable iron bar is placed on the rim, and then the wire rope is hoisted by a crane or a loader, so that the tire and the rim are easily separated.

Mucking Rock Loader Work Site Emergency Repair Program

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