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Leaders Of Anbiao National Mining Product Safety Labeling Center Visit China Coal Group For Exchange

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On February 16, the expert team composed of Ma Long, Deputy Director of Fushun Inspection Institute of Anbiao National Mining Product Safety Labeling Center, Bian Jianchao, director of Operation Promotion Office, visit China Coal Group for exchange and cooperation. Shao Hua, Executive deputy general manager of China Coal Group and general manager of Manufacturing Company, Zang Congli, Assistant general manager of the Group, Zhou Yong, Director of Production Plant of China Coal Machinery Factory, Li Qinglong, director of Production Plant of China Transport Machinery Factory, Technology Center deputy director Ge Lanying, electrical engineer Liu Wei and other leaders receive warmly.

The expert group focus on visiting the excavator intelligent production workshop and the digital production workshop of coal mine equipment of our group, and have a detailed understanding of the characteristics of intelligent mining products and excavator products, production process, etc. Shao Hua, executive vice president of China Coal Group and general manager of manufacturing Company, makes a detailed introduction on the group's scientific and technological research and development, core technology and innovative products. The expert group highly recognized the ability of our group in safety production, safety certification of mining products and technology research and development and achievement transformation.

Subsequently, based on the good cooperation foundation in the early stage, the two sides have a discussion and exchange on the internationalization, standardization and technical research of the standardization work, and jointly discuss the in-depth cooperation of mining products in the application of 5G technology, smart mine construction, high-end product certification of smart mine equipment and other fields. The two sides indicate that, We will give full play to the technical and resource advantages of China Coal Group and jointly promote the safety of mining products to a new height.

Ma Long, Deputy Director of Fushun Inspection Institute of Anbiao National Mineral Product Safety Labeling Center, speaks highly of our group's achievements in attaching great importance to enterprise production safety and mineral product safety certification over the years. He says that the exchange and cooperation not only promote the accelerated development of earlier cooperation, but also lay the foundation for the two sides to open up new cooperation opportunities in new fields of mining products. China Coal Group will continue to base on new technologies and new projects, with wisdom and technology to enable the safety of mining products, provide security for more fields, and promote the stable, sustainable and innovative development of various undertakings.

Shao says that the next step, China Coal Group will take safety production as an important starting point, and constantly improve and innovate the construction of safety production standardization management system. Establish safety goals, implement safety commitments, improve the organization, actively play the role of example, return to the market and society with safe and high-quality products, and make more positive contributions to the national coal mine construction!

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