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Main Features Of Crawler Mucking Loader

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Crawler Mucking loader

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Underground Mucking Loader

Crawler mucking loader is a high-efficiency mining equipment with continuous slope. It is mainly used for mine rock roadway and semi-coal rock roadway excavation. It can also be used for water diversion tunnel, railway tunnel construction and national defense cave. Loading work during construction.

Great traction and strong loading capacity. Sealed and lubricated track, the tensioning track device is easy to adjust and has a long service life; the special tooth for the excavator is durable and interchangeable; the conveyor can unload the rock from the tail into the dump truck, shuttle car, side Unloading mine car, belt conveyor, bucket and other transfer equipment; the main action is controlled by pilot valve, easy and convenient to operate, comfortable, flexible, strong climbing ability, stable and no impact; can be equipped with hydraulic breaker, right The bottom of the roadway and the bottom of the side slab are crushed, repaired, and the large rock and coal block after blasting are broken and hammered. The work arm can be used to realize the face face danger, the whole section is loaded with rock, no dead angle is left, no labor is required. Auxiliary cleaning of the work surface.

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