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How To Choose Tunnel Mucking Loader

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Tunnel Mucking Loader

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Nowadays, the continuous development of technology, more and more products appear in front of us, bringing convenience to our lives, and the commonness of mucking loader manufacturers is also increasing.

The mucking loader manufacturer's tunnel mucking loader is a continuous production of high efficiency mining equipment. It adopts cut-resistant rubber tires to walk, and the front and rear axles are driven at the same time. The structure is compact and the drawing range is wide. It can be installed in full section without leaving dead corners. It does not need manual cleaning to clean the working surface, which reduces the labor intensity of workers. The cab operator station is equipped with various systems with instrument display, which is fully ergonomic; the machine power can be divided into motor type and diesel type, equipped with automatic hydraulic control cable reel.

The mucking loader manufacturer's products are mainly used in underground tunnels, such as metal mines, water diversion tunnels, etc. Its main function is to gather all kinds of engineering gravel and complete transportation and loading work. The advantage of the wheel loader is that the transition speed is fast and flexible, and it can be used for multiple working faces. This machine adopts imported German Rexroth hydraulic system, the action adopts pilot control, easy operation, electro-hydraulic transmission, excavation, transportation, walking, loading and loading of four functions

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