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How To Use Mucking Rock Loader

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Mucking Rock Loader

Mucking Loader

The mucking rock loader is an electro-hydraulic control system. The working mechanism adopts a top-loading static extraction method to achieve the continuity of loading rock through the scraper conveyor. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Turn on the mucking rock loader main power switch.

2. After the button indicator light is on, start the oil pump and fan. If it is turned on after first use or rewiring, it should be judged whether the order is correct. If the order is not correct, the machine will not start.

3, mucking rock loader to be used after 10 seconds of startup. If the machine is shut down for more than 4 hours, let the pump run for 5 to 10 minutes to work with pressure.

4. The mucking rock loader lowers the transport shovel to the ground.

5. Steering the machine forward, gathering the stones and flattening the ground.

6. Confirm that the mining electric tricycle or other reloading equipment enters the unloading part of the machine and then pull the handle to the forward rotation. If the speed of feeding is not enough, the accelerating confluence handle can be put into position.

7. Operate the pilot valve to raise the boom in turn, extend the arm, place the bucket in a position with the arm, and then lower the boom and retract the arm (while making the boom up and down). The stone can be carried into the transport tank. Rotating the swivel arm can be taken in a larger range, and it is beneficial to properly pick up the bucket according to the distance of the stone.

8, mucking rock loader in the process of picking should always pay attention to whether the scraper chain is in normal transport, in case of stuck, it is necessary to stop the transport in time, otherwise the oil temperature will rise rapidly, so that it can not work. The method of releasing the card chain is to pull the conveying rotary lever to the middle position, and quickly move the conveying lever back and forth to make the scraper chain quickly and positively impact, and then the card chain can be released. When there is stone in the transport tank, the transport lever should not be stopped at the position where the transport is reversed. Otherwise, the chain or scraper may be broken, which seriously affects the production.

How To Use Mucking Rock Loader

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