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Mucking Rock Loader Maintenance Method

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Mucking Rock Loader

Mucking Loader

Mucking rock loader explains the maintenance of its structural parts and conveyor system
1. Check whether the roller under the belt is offset or fall off every day; check whether the mucking rock loader belt is out of deviation, whether the belt buckle is damaged or not, and correct the accessories in advance.

2. Check the structure for cracking and deformation every day; check whether the pin bolts are loose, fall off or missing, and tighten them in time.

3. When the mucking rock loader is parked, the bucket cylinder is fully retracted, the bucket is grounded to prevent the cylinder from being hit; when parking the mucking rock loader, pay attention to the surrounding environment, away from the dangerous working surface and the unstable roof.

4, check the tires for leaks or insufficient air pressure, timely repair and prevention.

Mucking Rock Loader Maintenance Method

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