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Tunnel Mucking Loader Pricing Basis

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Tunnel Mucking Loader

Tunnel Mucking Loader Pricing

Mucking Loader

Mines often use a tunnel mucking loader to locate a variety of prices, there are a lot of cheap, but some of them should be different materials, the price is different

We now see that the tunnel mucking loader is generally composed mainly of the backhoe mechanism, the transport slot, the traveling mechanism, the frame assembly, the motor oil pump assembly, the hydraulic operating system, and the electrical system.

Among them, the walking mechanism is the basis of the whole machine, and it needs to advance and retreat in the work. The hydraulic motor drives the driving shaft to rotate, the clutch drives the driving gear to rotate, and the front axle shaft gear rotates the front wheel axle through the intermediate shaft double gear, and the front wheel axle sprocket rotates the rear wheel axle through the chain to realize the four wheels of the whole machine. drive. It has the characteristics of reliable walking and large traction. Other components have similar features to the tracked tunnel mucking loader.

The tunnel mucking loader is designed to have a gauge of 600 mm, 762 mm, and 900 mm, and the radius of the curve should be greater than 12 m. The temporary rail of the working site should be 38 Kg/m or 43 Kg/m. The length is 2.5~3m, and the front end of the rail is made of steel sleepers (channel steel), which is fastened by the clamping plate and is firm and reliable. The working site is required, the water level is lower than the rail surface, and the drainage of the working surface is required to be good. In order to prevent the whole machine from operating in the roadway, the distance between the center of the track and the wall of the roadway is required to be no less than 1000mm. The ground and track should be flat and should not sink.

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