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What Are The Causes Of Damage To The Crawler Mucking Loader Belt?

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1. When the crawler mucking loader conducts ore transportation, the construction between the two-story frame and the electric drum is not reasonable, and the two-layer cushioning buffer roller loses elasticity, when the heavier materials are transported on the conveyor belt. When the material is affected by the inertial force, it will cause a serious impact on the conveyor belt, which is easily affected by the impact friction and damage to the conveyor belt.

2. Another typical manifestation of crawler mucking loader belt breakage is belt edge wear. The main cause of belt edge wear is caused by the deviation of the belt during work. If the belt is out of deviation, the belt will form a friction with the two-layer frame, and the belt will be cracked. With the wear of the edge, it is easy to appear the damage is intensified, and finally affect the normal function of the belt.

3. The crawler mucking loader belt is easy to encounter hard rock when working. If the broken stone is sharp and sharp, it is easy to scratch the belt and cause the belt to break.

4. Crawler mucking loader The quality of the belt is defective or the maintenance and repair work of the conveyor belt is not in place during the use process, which is also an important cause of damage to the belt. When the belt is working, the belt is subject to friction for a long time, and the belt leaks for a long time. Under the influence of the bad roadway environment, the quality will continuously drop, which will cause the belt to become hard and cause the premature aging of the belt to affect the normal use of the belt.

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