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Mucking Machine Operation Skills

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Mucking Machine

mini mucking loader

mucking loader

1. Operate according to the rated power of the mucking loader to avoid overload work.

2, mini mucking loader must use the specified P number of diesel, hydraulic oil, and can not be mixed with other P number.

3. The mucking machine slowly moves into the furnace surface on the platform, and the taro is fully preheated before the operation.

4, mucking machine Before work, we can check whether its components are intact, face inspection.
5. When we are working, because the mucking loader's steam head temperature will be very high, we can put the car into the designated position of the platform for cooling.

6, mucking loader's slag head does not extend the head before entering the furnace, because the hoe is too long, it will affect the operation when driving, and there are more people working on the platform, so there may be In order to avoid accidents.

7. The mucking machine must stir the aluminum water evenly during work, so that the furnace value can be floated on the furnace surface, and then the hoe can be extended perpendicularly to the furnace surface. We can also put the slag out and put it into the previous position. 

Mucking Machine Operation Skills

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