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Mucking Loader Work Site Emergency Repair Program

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Use of daily necessities

When cleaning the mucking loader engine oil sump or the inner surface of the machine, if the mucking loader iron scraps and other impurities are too difficult to wash, you can use the appropriate amount of dough to stick; when the float of the gasoline carburetor is broken, you can use the cork stopper of the thermos. Instead, if the brake fluid leaks, it can be replaced with white wine or a certain concentration of soapy water; the three precision parts of the diesel engine and the slight scratches on the glass of the lamp can be ground with toothpaste; household detergent can be used to clean mechanical parts. It is especially suitable for cleaning rubber parts. It will not swell and deform after washing; use washing powder and sawdust to clean the parts with lubricating oil; if the battery electrolyte level is too low, in order to prevent the board from vulcanizing, you can buy pure water from the market. Pour it into the battery; cut the can shell, you can easily make aluminum washers or funnels with oil and water; mucking loader

Use electrical appliances for emergency

Diesel engine high pressure tubing joint shoulder oil leakage, can be cut section 16 electrician fuse wound under the tightening nut; if the high-voltage contact carbon rod is accidentally lost when disassembling the magneto, so that the magneto can not produce high-voltage electricity, you can use dry battery The carbon core grinding short segment is substituted. Mucking loader

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