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Mini Mucking Loader Change Conveyor Method

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Mini Mucking Loader

Mucking Loader

mining Mucking Loader

The mucking loader conveyor belt is the main wearing part of the mini mucking loader. Many operators have no experience in the replacement. The technicians of China Coal Group gave the following brief introduction.

The mini mucking loader changed the semi-mechanized construction of the original construction, interrupted the slag shipment and required a large amount of manual coordination, low-speed high-risk, high-cost state. The mini mucking loader combines the functions of hoeing, digging, hoeing, loading, transporting and unloading in the body, walking, digging, collecting, transporting, loading and cleaning the site. It is now a small site construction to ensure high yield, high and low security risks, low cost; enhance market competitiveness; increase production progress quickly to occupy the market;

Remove the old belt from the mini mucking loader and place the new belt under the mini mucking loader under the hydraulic drum. The front side of the button is turned outwards and the button is turned in the opposite direction. At this time, the mini mucking loader belt is passed through the rear scraper and then passed. The coarse roller has a fine roller in the middle of the forward conveying frame, and there is a thick roller above the front front bridge. The belt is supported by the rollers, and then passes through the belt from the lower side of the front scraper and passes through the shovel. Pull forward about 5 meters, then pour the belt back and pass the front driven roller. Pull it to the center of the rear hydraulic roller, put on the wire rope, adjust the belt, and turn the belt for 5 minutes without deviation.

Mini Mucking Loader Change Conveyor Method

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