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Tunnel Mucking Loader Tire Maintenance Important Maintenance Method

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1.tunnel mucking loader Before each shift is set up after each shift, the driver should carefully check the condition of the tunnel mucking loader tires, tap with a small hammer, and listen to the sound, identify whether the tire pressure is normal, check the valve for leaks. Gas, tunnel mucking loader tire nuts are loose or so. Fill in the results of the inspection on the list, and report the problem immediately if you find the problem.

2. Always check the tire temperature during the tunnel mucking loader. In the case of overspeed, overload, abnormal inflation, sudden braking, up and down ramps and corners, the tread temperature is easy to rise, which will make the rubber soft. At this time, the tunnel mucking loader tire is prone to delamination or shoulder. "Following" and other accidents. When the specified temperature is exceeded, it should be stopped to dissipate heat.

3. Keep the tunnel mucking loader tires with normal inflation pressure. The inflation pressure above or below the rated value is detrimental to the service life of the tunnel mucking loader tire. The pressure is too low, the tire is deformed greatly, and the heat is generated, which is easy to cause cracks in the sidewall portion, thereby accelerating the fatigue fracture or delamination of the cord, leading to early damage of the tire; if the tire pressure is too high, the contact pressure of the tread center is increased. It causes excessive wear or slip of the crown, increases the degree of vehicle 9簸, and deteriorates the cushioning performance, thereby increasing the wear rate of the bottom parts of the vehicle. Check the pressure of the "cold tire" once a week. When the pressure differs from the specified value by 0.2 kg/cm, it must be adjusted. If the pressure drops by 0.7 kg/cm during the week, it must be carefully checked. If necessary, Remove the tunnel mucking loader tires and send them for repair.

Tunnel Mucking Loader Tire Maintenance Important Maintenance Method

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