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What Are The Usual Methods Of Operation Of The Crawler Mucking Loader

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Step 1: We need to turn on the main switch of the crawler mucking loader power supply.

Step 2: After the button indicator light is on, start the hydraulic oil pump and the radiator fan.

Step 3: After we start the crawler mucking loader, we need to idle the hydraulic oil pump for 5~10 minutes to run the machine with load.

Step 4: Operate the hydraulic lever and put the gantry shovel mouth on the ground.

Step 5: Operate the hydraulic lever to push the machine forward to gather the stones together and push the ground flat at the same time.

Step 6: Wait for the crawler mucking loader to reach the end of the transport belt, then control the conveyor belt and control the speed of the handle to convey the slag material to the slag carrier.

Step 7: By controlling the pilot operation valve, let the big arm lift up and the small arm stretch out, put the bucket to about into the line of the bit road, then put the big arm down and the small arm retrieve. With some operations like this, the stone can be raked to the transport trough. Left and right to move the swing arm will be able to pick up slag in the range where the shovel mouth.

Step 8: In the process of slag raking, always keep an eye on the transport belt, or scraper is in the normal transport, if found stuck, should immediately stop transport. In the case of no slag material on the conveyor belt, can be quickly moved up and down, control the conveyor forward and reverse, you can lift the chain of the situation.



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