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Mini Mucking Loader Installation Precautions

Date:2020-02-24     Label:

Mini Mucking Loader


1. Before installation, carefully clean the joints of the hydraulic system to prevent dust and other impurities from entering the hydraulic system. Carefully check the integrity of the seals when connecting the joints. Check the installation position of each component according to the drawings to avoid installation. The location is wrong.

2. Assemble the Mini Mucking Loader to tighten the bolts of each part, and keep in mind that the installation of the loose washers is complete and the tightness meets the actual requirements;

3, mini mucking loader electrical components must be installed by someone. The diameter of the cable entering the junction box should match the hole diameter of the rubber mat. The crimping terminal should ensure that there is no gap between the rubber mat and the cable and between the rubber mat and the junction box, otherwise the flameproof performance will be lost.

4. The joint part of the hydraulic system should be carefully checked to avoid looseness due to the use of tapered oil pipes. At the same time, check whether the sealing ring is complete or damaged, and all the pipes should be properly fixed according to the original position.

5. After the Mini Mucking Loade is installed, carefully check the fittings and accessories of each component, and install it properly and securely.



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