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Mucking Loader Daily Inspection

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Mucking Loader

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Mucking Machine

1. Touch the Mucking Loader connector with your hand to check for oil leakage and check the piping for oil leakage.

2. Decompose the parts of the piping joints, check the rust inside them, and replace the oil seals.

3. Check the parts of the electrical system such as the Mucking Loader pressure switch, relay and limit switch, and whether the action is normal.

4. Check the Mucking Loader hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic motor's fixing screws for looseness and oil leakage.

5. Check the support of the entire system piping of the Mucking Loader for looseness and vibration.

6. Loose and damaged scars of high-pressure oil pipes, etc., should be listed as the focus of regular inspections. If there are any bad situations, they should be replaced immediately.

Mucking Loader Daily Inspection

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