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Performance And Use Of Tunnel Mucking Machine

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Tunnel Mucking Machine

Mucking Machine

China Coal's tunnel mucking machine uses a high-torque motor to drive the gearbox. The gearbox drives the front and rear axles in a structurally sound way, making the structure more reasonable and easier to operate and maintain. Can work in relatively narrow lanes. It can be equipped with rail ore or tricycle. Thanks to the full hydraulic operation, the shovel is equipped with force, the armor is flexible, and the whole machine is detachable for easy assembly downhole. With simple training, you can master the operation technology.

Use Of Tunnel Mucking Machine

Tunnel mucking machine is mainly used for the collection and transportation of crushed stone in various mines such as phosphate rock, aluminum mine, iron ore, copper mine, gold mine, silver mine, lead-zinc mine and other hydropower and tunnel projects. Construction loading. The tunnel mucking machine is a combination of a robot and a conveyor. The slag and conveyor loading functions are combined into one. The electric hydraulic control system is used. It is safe, environmentally friendly, low in energy consumption and high in efficiency.

Performance Of Tunnel Mucking Machine

The tunnel mucking machine includes four functions: hydraulic walking, excavation, collecting, and loading. The hydraulic walking function is to drive the wheel through the hydraulic motor, reducer, transmission shaft, and then to the gear box. The hydraulic motor has three functions of forward, backward and automatic braking; the mining and collecting function is completed by the robot, and the robot performs the excavation through the joystick. Stretching arm, loading and unloading functions, the boom can be raised, lowered, and rotated left and right. The excavation and collection operation is controlled by full hydraulic pressure, controlled by four operating handles, each handle controlling two to four movements, a total of twelve The action is to use a large excavator operation process.

Performance And Use Of Tunnel Mucking Machine

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