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Mucking Loader Structure And Working Principle

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Mucking Loader

Working Principle

The hydraulic mucking loader is mainly composed of a hydraulic mechanism, a conveying mechanism, a traveling mechanism and an electric mechanism. The hydraulic system consists of a gear pump, a diverter valve, a hydraulic motor, a cylinder, a tubing, a fuel tank, and the like. The conveying mechanism mainly consists of an electric roller, a conveyor frame, a conveyor belt, a roller and the like.

According to its composition and use, mucking loader can be divided into: crawler type, tire type, electric type, diesel-electric type, folding type, rear steering type, extension arm type, electric drum type, hydraulic drum type, belt type, scraper type. And many other types.

The excavation device is the main device for slag slag in the mucking loader and consists of a large arm, a small arm and a bucket. The hydraulic cylinder is used to control the movement of the big, small arms and buckets to achieve the functions of boring, digging, turning and pushing. In order to meet the needs of various working conditions, the hydraulic mucking loader can complete functions such as collecting, conveying, loading, digging and clearing the bottom.

The working principle of the mucking loader hydraulic system is that the gear oil pump operates. The gear oil pump draws in hydraulic oil from the fuel tank. The pumped hydraulic oil enters the monostable diverter valve, enters the steering gear and the multi-way reversing valve through the diverter valve, and the joystick is in the neutral position. When the hydraulic oil flows out from the multi-way reversing valve, it returns to the fuel tank through the filter and the radiator.

The characteristic of the hydraulic system is that when the working pressure of the constant torque control exceeds the setting value, the safety valve of the multi-way reversing valve is opened, and the high-pressure oil is returned to the oil tank through the returning oil pipe to prevent the system from over-pressure damaging the hydraulic components and the pipeline.

Mucking Loader Structure And Working Principle

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